A digital company looks to YellowWood IT for proactive & responsive support.

During the rebuild of their hard drive, YNOT Digital Inc. experienced a failure that put them face to face with significant challenges. They were in need of immediate help recovering their files and getting back up and running. Luckily, YellowWood IT was referred to them and within an hour they had regained access to their critical files. YellowWood IT was also able to offer proactive support in order to avoid downtime in the future, giving YNOT Digital Inc. the peace of mind they needed.

The Challenge

The Need For A Knowledgeable IT Partner To Provide Disaster Recovery & System Improvements

Like any other company in today’s world, YNOT Digital Inc. was relying heavily upon their technologies. They experienced a hard drive fail during a rebuild and it became vital to find an IT partner that could help them get back on track.

The Solution

YellowWood IT rebuilt the network infrastructure and provided responsive support to maximize uptime. YellowWood IT has done a lot for YNOT Digital Inc. and continues to help them on a daily basis. They have implemented many improvements, including Crashplan snapshots, off-site backup, disaster recovery and hybrid backup solutions.


Within an hour of YNOT Digital Inc.’s initial hard drive fail that led them to YellowWood IT, they were back up and running with access to all of their critical files. The company remains appreciative of this but has seen even greater benefits since working with YellowWood IT.


The network set up by YellowWood IT allowed different parts of the company to access the same files. The backup and monitoring systems allowed YNOT Digital Inc. to focus on daily operations instead of worrying about files and backup.

Its Your Turn

Regain peace of mind with outstanding customer service from YellowWood IT. We are the preferred IT support company for businesses looking reduce operational costs while achieving business objectives.