Why Small Businesses Must Find an IT Services Partner

Why Is This Important to My Business?

Your business faces a number of challenges, many of which require your undivided attention. There is no time for indecision when deadlines are fast approaching, and customer demands are still not met. Business is constantly evolving and the only thing moving faster are the IT solutions. Information Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate, with anticipated growth of 150% over the next ten years, making your job as a business owner even tougher.

Where do I start?

So, what can you do? What is the next move for small Calgary business owners to make? Behind every good business, is a well thought out IT strategy. With a solid foundation to build a new and better workflow process and a partnership with a team of trusted IT solution providers. Gone are the days where boardroom discussions don’t include the CIO or IT Manager. More businesses today are relying on the advice, expertise and planning of professional consultants to remain current in the industry. Ultimately your business will fail unless you find a trusted IT Partner.

Who can help?

Each business requires the expertise of trained and qualified professionals; whether you review financial statements or legal documents, it is important to find advice from accountants and lawyers that you can trust. Too often we find technology consultants standing on the sideline while management makes significant decisions regarding future processes, tools and systems used by the corporation. It makes no sense for a business to enter into contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars that haven’t been reviewed by a lawyer, yet companies are spending just as much on hardware and software without first consulting with a qualified IT consultant. Too often, companies value the trust of a salesperson more than that of an IT consultant.

Having a partnership with a trusted IT advisor will provide significant benefits and allow your business to not only take care of day to day operations but also lead you in the best direction you need for your business to succeed. There are many reasons why this is the case, and I have outlined a few here below.

You are not in the technology business

We sometimes see business owners or management get in the way of themselves when they try to manage IT on their own. Technology is not your business, and therefore should not be where you occupy your time. When IT business consultants are free to do the work, business owners can rely on the information to make quick decisions, gain confidence in their direction, and focus on the things that matter most for the business.

Quarterly IT Business Review Meetings

We all get caught up in the whirlwind of business, and time for IT discussions tend to happen in the hallway, or between meetings. This approach is dangerous as many critical elements of companies rest on the security, reliability and flexibility of computer technology. Quarterly IT Business Review Meetings allow busy executives to come into an organized meeting and discuss tasks, projects, and other IT initiatives. These quarterly business reviews (QBR) are designed to keep everything on track, update executives, get approvals and educate management so they are confident in their technology direction. These meetings save time and money, as they help identify top priorities and avoid costly errors.

IT Audits and Assessments

Knowing where you are and where you are going is key to achieving your business goals. A trusted IT partner would do well in providing you regular assessments to help with discovering essential areas of focus, track improvements, and verify current technology effectiveness. These assessments come in many different forms and can produce helpful reports on organizational efficiencies, disaster recovery and business continuity, security and compliance, network health, and company exposure and risk.

Security and Compliance

Every industry has regulations to follow, but governments are introducing new legislation all the time to enforce better IT management, security, privacy and other controls with which every business will need to comply. Additional partners, vendors or suppliers require the same information. You cannot ignore the fact that these requirements bring a level of complexity that only a qualified IT advisor is equipped to handle.

IT Governance

Because technology is constantly changing, business’ need to know their options when it comes to what technology to use, when and where technology and data need to move, and the best solutions to meet the growing demands of customers. Partnering with a qualified IT advisor will allow your business to discover, evaluate, test, implement, manage and support each new change. Leaving this to chance or delaying plans and preparations could leave your business in jeopardy.

Not all IT advisors are the same, and there should be caution exercised when selecting an IT partner, however not having a trusted advisor at all is even riskier. Don’t be left behind with doubt or uncertainty about the future of your business and the possibilities of what technology can do to help you succeed. To find out more what a trusted technology partner can do for you, please contact YellowWood IT.

If you want help to know the next step your business should make contact the experts at YellowWood IT. Small businesses depend on the right technology, at the right time, in the right place, and at YellowWood IT, we have the requisite knowledge and purpose to help you and your small business with your technology.  Partner with us in confidence, www.yellowwoodit.ca | (844) 387 – 0607