A creative advertising agency seeks to reduce operational costs while maintaining productivity & data protection.

When Trigger was having trouble dealing with an unresponsive IT support company, they started looking for an IT support company that offered a higher level of expertise. As a full-service creative advertising agency, it’s important for Trigger to leverage innovative forms of information technology, in order to produce and distribute information while reaching their target audiences quickly and effectively, ultimately maintaining success throughout advertising campaigns.

The Challenge

An Unresponsive IT Support Company and a Lack of Innovative Ways to Improve Productivity & Reduce Operational Costs

When Trigger was working with an unresponsive IT support company, there was a wide range of issues that contributed to their inability to improve productivity & reduce operational costs. For example:

  • Paying too much for backup with limited protection.
  • A lack of organization and protection for data throughout the office.
  • Too many servers and large amounts of infrastructure to support and maintain.

Ultimately, these issues proved too much to handle for the full-service creative advertising agency, so they started searching for an experienced IT support company to help them out!

The Solution

Trigger found an experienced IT support company to help them improve communication, increase control over data, reduce operational costs and take control of their technology. YellowWood IT established a plan and got to work.


Implementation of a tiered backup solution to reduce maintenance and storage fees while providing a more robust and redundant backup solution.


Organized and protected their data using new protocols for data file permissions, archiving and storage to allow more control over data.


Full setup of Office 365 to reduce the number of servers while improving communication and collaboration throughout the agency.

Its Your Turn

Save in vendor management, services and support costs with YellowWood IT data storage and protection services. We are the preferred IT support company for businesses searching to reduce operational costs while achieving business objectives.