To get where you are going, it helps first to know where you are. Determine the condition of your technology, chart your course, and you’ll find yourself heading in the right direction.

  • Find Network Vulnerabilities
  • Remain Compliant
  • Prevent Operation Workarounds
  • Protect your IT Investment
  • Avoid Business Interruptions and Downtime
  • Identify Next Best Actions for Improvement

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With the constant change in technology solutions and services, it is good business practice to periodically perform a business IT assessment. A technology standards assessment will provide helpful information to ensure compliance, best practice, and gauge the level of service and technology performance, productivity and profits (ROI).

A review of your technology on a regular basis, or during a change in business direction will allow you to identify not just the changes needed to keep technology current, but also determine whether your technology is helping you reach your business goals.

Computer Security / Threat Protection.

Cyber criminals are hard at work, devising new ways to bypass security layers so they can steal your corporate data or otherwise interfere with your business. Too often they succeed. Is your company exposed to unnecessary risk?

Information Backup / Disaster Recovery.

Protecting your client information and other sensitive data is priority number one. A single data loss or breach can result in heavy financial penalties, a damaged reputation, and the loss of your client’s trust.

Data Management.

The administrative requirements to acquire, validate, store, protect, and process data and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the business.

Detailed Documentation.

Knowing the limitations of your technology is highly dependent on the level of detailed documentation that exists of the network. Drawings, Logs, Configuration, Inventory, Schedules, Rules, Licensing and Vendor information all play a role in management.

Network Infrastructure.

As your networks converge and grow, it is essential that they remain robust, flexible and secure. Is your network ready for new voice, data and video applications? Do you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current infrastructure?

New Technology Adoption.

While adoption of new technology varies from business to business, it is important to make sure your vision is not restrained by the lack of new technology solutions.

Industry Compliance.

Highly-regulated industries are often legally required to meet specific regulations regarding the operation of their businesses, primarily the storage, retention, security and data management practices for critical data.

Business Communications.

Review information technology solutions that together provide you with the ability to advance the way that your business communicates with your customers, vendors and partners.

Technology Standards Assessment Plans

IT Check List


An IT Health Check is a complimentary review on the condition of your technology, that provides insight on how your business matches up against IT best practice. Diagnostics will be performed to uncover bigger, less apparent problems and neglect, as well as areas of potential disaster and loss. Areas reviewed will include security systems, antivirus, spam and content filtering, backups, security and backup of critical cloud applications and data, speed and performance and 140 other critical performance areas. There is no obligation on your part, this is just a way for us to make sure businesses have a plan and a way to introduce ourselves.

The IT Check List will allow your business to set priorities on technology improvements, corrective actions, and future planning, a $520.00 dollar value.

Business Impact Analysis

FROM $750

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is to identify which business units/departments and processes are essential to the survival of the company. The BIA will identify how quickly your business units and/or processes can return to full operation following a disaster situation. The BIA will also identify the resources required to resume business operations, according to your business needs. The information provided in this analysis will help to identify shortfalls in technology, policy, procedure, ad communication during a major technology failure, human error, or natural disaster. 

The Business Impact Assessment will provide helpful information for a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

Cloud Migration Assessment

FROM $250

A Cloud Migration Assessment, will help identify the best hosted solutions to meet the demands of your business. This assessment will help you determine the key business processes, and tools systems best suited in a hosted environment. This best used when considering a move to cloud services for major systems, software, or database.

A Cloud Migration Assessment will be a source of helpful information when selecting a proper cloud solution s provider.

Risk Intelligence Security Assessment

FROM $500

A Risk Intelligence Security Assessment is a deep scans of your network, attempting brute force attacks, and reviewing updates, patches and holes in firewalls and other security software will provide you with the right information to keep your network secure. This is best used when meeting governing regulation requirements suchs= as PCI, or if your business handles private personal information and need to follow PIPEDA guidelines.

The Assessment will give you the knowledge to answer the following questions. Where is my data? Who has access to my data? Where are my vulnerabilities? How much will a data breach cost my company?

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