Our consultants can provide strategic IT plans and business direction. Technology should make your life easier and IT consulting can help.
  • Business Process Analysis
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Policy and Procedure Development

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Depending on where you are in the evolution of your business, you may find the need for Calgary IT consulting to help your business reach the next level. With the addition of people, locations and markets, the technology you use should match the needs of your business. This isn’t easy and may require someone who has the experience to help you through the process. YellowWood technology consultants are prepared to handle your current situation and provide you with the insight and support needed.

You will get the most out of your technology as you understand your business needs. 

The approach to designing a technology plan for your business starts with a clear knowledge of your present needs and a vision for your business goals and direction. The main purpose that is driving your business decisions is closely connected to the technology you use. Regardless, if you are moving offices, expanding into new markets, or opening your first shop, you must ensure the technology meets your business needs and will realize the future that you are trying to achieve.

Know your limits and your strengths. 

Because your business will thrive as you work on it, it would make sense to let the experts do what they do best. Hiring a consultant can give you the reassurance that things will be done right the first time. Take the time to understand exactly what you want from your consultant, set clear expectations and demand accountability.

Trusted advice and proven results. 

A good consultant will have evidence of their work to assist you with your project. You should feel comfortable in their level of expertise and honesty before you move ahead. The process of discovery, planning and execution of the plan should be smooth and give you the results needed.

Strategic IT Planning Services

IT Strategic Planning

An IT strategic plan helps to set realistic priorities for your business so you can properly determine when to invest and what to invest in. The biggest cost in technology is not in the solutions but in choosing the wrong solution. Determining your business goals will help in the formation of your plan and is essential before any discussion of technology begins.

Our consultants can help plan IT budgets, analyze and rework business processes, and facilitate technology changes. They can help coordinate the maintenance of IT infrastructure but can also provide more-forward looking insight into business processes and solutions.

Key Features of IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Priorities matched with Business Needs
  • Review of current and newer Industry Technologies
  • Review of Best Practices and Internal Workflow
  • Close interaction with Management Team
  • Short list key IT Business Partners
  • Detailed Action Plan and Scope
  • Add vCIO

    Our consultants can help plan IT budgets, analyze and rework business processes, and facilitate technology changes. They can help coordinate the maintenance of IT infrastructure but can also provide more-forward looking insight into business processes and solutions. Not so much as a pure IT technician a virtual CIO is a business expert who understands how to apply technology solution to best advantage to support your business.

    These include aligning business objectives with IT systems, formulating a strategic IT plan, and analyzing business processes to facilitate changes in technology. A virtual CIO should be your go-to technical contact as well as a trusted business partner who understands how technology fulfills a company’s unique needs.

    Key Features of vCIO
  • Improve your business’ IT efficiency
  • Formulate an IT budget to ensure business goals are met
  • Oversee IT implementations and projects
  • Formulating a strategic IT plan
  • Facilitate changes in technology
  • Analyzing business processes
  • Office Moves

    Every office move is different with its own set of challenges. You never can tell which vendor will be delayed or if a product will arrive on time; there are a myriad of conditions to consider. This is why preparation and planning is so important. Our consultants understand the expected pitfalls and plan accordingly. We know the techniques that will allow you to keep technology and business operations running during and after the move and stay a step ahead with anticipated problems. Trust the company that can give you the support and service you need with your next office move.

    Key Features of Office Moves
  • Onsite Technology Assessment
  • Vendor Management
  • Assist with Site Plans and Documentation
  • Transfer of Key Services
  • Integration of New Technologies and Upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery Plans

    A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a document that outlines the steps and procedures required to mitigate down time in the event of a disaster scenario. The objective is to help identify, assess, implement, resolve and return to normal business operation quickly while keeping people, data, and intellectual property safe and secure.

    Key Features of Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Documentation of key technology processes
  • Identification of key business operations
  • Prioritization of technology dependencies
  • Development of preventative measures
  • Creation of risk mitigation procedures
  • Take the next step to better IT support