Servers run your critical business services and downtime is not an option. Keep servers optimized and working with our server protection plans.
  • Monitor Server Services and Event Logs
  • Alert Customer to Dangerous Server Conditions
  • Keep Service Packs and Patches Current
  • Regular Performance Tuning and Maintenance
  • Monitor Backup and Server Redundancy Services
  • Manage Functional Level of Line of Business Applications
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YellowWood's Managed IT Server Protection Services monitors the health and performance of your servers, the central hub for data storage and business productivity.

Our team will monitor your servers and receive alerts of potential problems, and we’ll solve those problems before they hinder your work. We’ll also install patches and updates to the operating system and key applications on a regular basis to keep things running as securely and efficiently as possible.

The only machine I use is my computer/laptop, but I do occasionally save files on the Internet.

If you don’t have a server you may benefit more from our computer guard and backup services. This will provide the protection you need for your workstation and make sure all files, no matter where they are, are protected.

I work from home but share files with others using a file, sync and share service like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Several online services like Dropbox and Google offer remote file storage that can help centralize your data and get easy access. These services provide their own updates and maintenance, so you won’t need a server protection service but you may need to reconsider using business products. This will help with file security, backup and keeping data in Canada. You may benefit from our file sync and share service options, which includes Dropbox for Business and Canadian storage options.

We have servers at my office that everyone is connected to in order to share files.

Because you have server, the minimum requirement is Server Guard, this will at least monitor your server and any alerts or issues will be reported and fixed. However, if your server is a high availability server and must never go down, then your better option is Business Server Protection.

We have several servers that provide file sharing and access to line of business applications, like accounting, CRM, Email, etc.

It is clear that you have a need for several layers of protection. For all applications servers your best option is Enterprise Protect, but this can be mixed with Business Server protection for your file servers, as well as Host Protect if you have any virtual machines. To mix a match will help to keep your costs low, and provide the best level of service and protection.

We have both physical and virtual servers on our network and host applications, and files.

Host Server and Business Server Protect is the clear choice here, this will allow you to make sure both the virtual and physical servers are managed and protected.

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