Access knowledgable and experienced personnel

We send a Network Administrator or Desktop Technician to your office as often as you need us.

Stay informed on the condition of your business network and keep your business technology running at the highest standards.

Considering new technology for your business? Ask our trusted advisors when it comes to all things tech.


Create a Plan That Produces Results

We want to hear about your business and your desires to improve client services, expand operations, increase profits, and create a wonderful working environment for your team. A technology plan can play a significant role in helping you achieve your goals. Technology can often boost productivity, increase performance and add to the bottom line. With the right plan, we can help you avoid many pitfalls and prevent costly errors.

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How we created lasting growth solutions for our clients


The Superior Choice For Your Business Needs

We support your existing technology
Detailed time & billing reporting
Tailored service agreements
Detailed time & billing reporting

It’s hard to know where you want to go, if you don’t know where you are. Assessments can provide a true sense of your technology situation and help identify the gap between what your business needs and the steps needed to get there.

24x7 support & monitoring
Onsite Support at no extra cost
All support is in-house & local
Multi-tiered support

We seek out the best relationships with leading vendors to add additional value to our solutions. These important partnerships allow us to create turnkey solutions, and often lower the cost for our clients.

12 years experience
Protect & develop technology
Specialized knowledge for law & advertising
Support Apple and Windows environments

We support many industries and our technology solutions have positively impacted a variety of businesses. We have specific experience in almost any industry you can think of; we doubt you can surprise us.

Gain Confidence In Your Business Direction

A change in your business direction can cause business interruptions and unnecessary downtime. Technology recommendations and solution implementations are the first steps to advancing the use of technology in your business. We review your technology on a regular basis and identify the changes needed to keep your technology current. Protect your IT investment and determine whether your technology is helping you reach your business goals. We can help you get where you are going.

What is your Free Computer Network Assessment all about?

Our FREE Network Health Check is forAll Prospective Clients Who Want to Put Us to The Test.
As a prospective customer, we would like to offer you a FREE Network Health Check and Diagnosis. During this health check we will perform a comprehensive review of your entire network to look for potential problems, security loopholes, spyware and other hidden problems that will cause the computers on your network to run slow, act funny, crash and lose data.
We will also seek to understand your business model and industry, to tailor recommended solutions that will maximize the use of technology, protect what matters most, improve business workflow, and give you a strategic plan.

How will I know it’s the right time to hire an IT service company?

We offer 6 suggestions to help you know when it is best to start considering outsourcing an IT service company.

  • You need your staff to focus on the work they were hired to do. To supplement staff time.
  • You need qualified experts to handle highly technical work. To supplement staff expertise.
  • You need outside advice to provide options to choose.
  • You need trusted technology support to increase decision maker’s confidence. To ensure credibility.
  • You need to increase productivity, performance, and protection of your technology investment. To obtain a variety of skills.
  • You need to stop worrying about the technology you use to deal with ongoing support.
Do you offer 24x7 support?
Yes, Yellow Wood offers a 24x7 1-800 number for all of your after-hours support. If necessary, we will also send a technician on-site to resolve issues if the on-call technicians cannot solve the problem via remote support. This 24x7 is generally billed at two (2) times the agreement rate for professional services.
When is the right time to outsource IT services and support?
Any IT support, from 1 user to 5000 users can be outsourced. YellowWood thrives, and we have no doubt that you’ll agree once we are working for you, in relationships with companies with 10 to 50 users. Although we have customers over 50 users, once a company reaches 50 users, they are at critical mass where a full-time staffer is financially viable; IF that staffer is fully capable of executive level planning, AND willing to get under a desk to check a cable.

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