Easy and reliable access to your business documents from any device. Safe and secure file sharing with an integrated online backup system. Help employees collaborate on documents with colleagues, clients and business partners.

  • File access on any device
  • File versioning
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Secure client file share

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Fast, reliable, and secure access to files (folders, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc) is a key element to keeping productive in your business. Small businesses need to be able to perform at the same level, or faster, than their larger competitors in order to compete. File Sync and Share puts files at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Increased Security.
  • Safe guarding your data should be top of mind when looking for a service to distribute and share your company data. Not all services are alike and you should steer clear of any service that is not designed for business use. You will need to make sure whomever is storing your data have, AES-256-bit Encryption, in transit and at rest, and PIPA, PIPEA, HIPAA-, PCI-, AND SSAE 16 security compliance in place.


  • In addition, there are other security features that will be important for you to consider including, password protect shares, 2 factor authentication, expiration date and download limitation policies. Each of these will help you control access and availability of your data.
Secure Data Storage.

If you require your data to reside in Canada make sure there is a policy in place to keep your data on Canadian soil. Understand the limitation of your storage as some services will charge extra if you exceed the limited amount. If you are offered unlimited storage, make sure you are not sacrificing security or backup. Make sure there is a straight forward method of retaining your data if you choose to switch to a different provider.

Information Backup.

Confirm that you have the right level of data retention, versioning, and replication needed to meet your business needs. All file sync and share services by design will sync to your computer, creating a second copy. However, make sure additional backups are configured to allow for quick data restore, and disaster recovery.

Ease of Use.

There should be multiple ways to access your data. File sync and share services should offer you the ability to access your data from any Windows and Apple device, including mobile phones and tablets. Websites to manage your data should be straight forward, and allow you to setup your own level of security and permissions without the constant help of a technician.

No Hidden Cost.

Try before you buy. Setup a demo of the top services you want to consider and make sure you are happy with the service before you sign any agreement. Most FSS tools are based on a monthly subscription and should allow you to cancel at any time. Average costs $15-25/user/month

File Sync and Share Plans

$15 / User / Month / 50 GB$17 / User / Month / Unlimited GB

File Sync and Share Features

Windows, OS X, iOS Android
Canadian Data Centre

Unlimited Storage2TB
Public Shares
Team Shares
File Locking
Selective Sync
Granular Permission of Subfolders and File
Share from any Folder on PC and Mac
Unlimited Versions of Files120 days
Web Preview
Outlook Plug-In
Guest Uploads
AES-256-bit Encryption
Local File and Folder Backup
LAN Sync
Password Protected Shares
Expiration Date Policy
Download Limit Policy
2 Factor Authentication
Active Directory Integration
Mass Restore

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