A disaster can strike when you least expect. Our high availability and redundant data backup safe guards your data.


  • Canadian Data Centres
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)
  • Data encryption in-transit and at rest – AES-256-bit
  • Cross-platform support for Mac, Linux and Windows

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Having a backup is a key element to trusting your technology. Sooner or later, something is going to fail, and businesses that are not well prepared could see their future dreams in jeopardy. Calgary cloud backup services protect your business data from corruption, loss, deletion and disaster.

YellowWood IT Cloud Backup Services ensures your business data is protected from unforeseen events. Your business data can be completely protected from human error, technology failure, system corruption and disaster scenarios.

Each of our services offers different levels of protection depending on your business needs. Our cloud backup service provides a redundant back-up appliance that can take the place of a server if primary systems fail.

All companies need disaster recovery. 

Statistics have shown that 3 out of 4 businesses get a failing grade for disaster recovery because they miss some of the important areas for complete coverage and protection of their business data. You can’t afford to lose data as it has a direct impact on operations, client services and finances.

Operational technology failure due to mechanical, hardware, or software.

45% of downtime or loss of data is due to technology failure where key business systems crash, become corrupt or are maliciously hacked. Although there are security and preventative measures that can be put in place, it is critical that backup systems can accommodate both on-premise and cloud (off-site) storage for both files, as well as operating systems and key line of business applications.

Someone in your organization will click or delete something guaranteed.

19% of downtime is caused by human error. A user at some point or another will accidentally click on an infected file, saved over an important document or delete information that will need to be recovered. Educating staff on what to avoid and how to protect their data is essential for prevention, however your system should provide file versioning, file archiving and file sync and share to help with quick recovery and instant access to previous versions of documents.

Flood, fire and raging storms are no respecter of your business data.

35% of downtime is caused by a natural disaster, creating havoc on business servers, networks and digital data. Your business is only as safe as your data for financial ruin. Small businesses are not equipped to take on major losses and after a serious disaster many are forced to close their doors. You can avert this outcome by investing in proper cloud backup solutions that can store your data and business environment in several data centres across Canada.

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