Dedicated onsite computer services gives your business personalized one on one support with qualified technicians. Receive instant access and trusted advice when you need it.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Assigned Network Administrator
  • Scheduled Onsite Support
  • Business Hours Help Desk
  • Prioritized Emergency Support

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If your business has 10 or more employees and wants a dedicated Account Manager and Network Administrator, Dedicated Onsite Support is for you. Dedicated Onsite Support customers enjoy having a dedicated Account Manager and a dedicated Network Administrator. They will get to know your business and, if you allow, they will become so ingrained in your business and culture that outsiders won’t be able to tell the difference; and if history repeats itself, which it usually does, they will become as much a part of your team as they are part of our team. A YellowWood IT Account Manager is having a technology advocate whenever you need one.

Our Service desk team is ready to answer your call.
We provide a full service help desk to be available for you during business hours. Our trained technicians are skilled in troubleshooting your issues to get to the root of the problem. They will help identify the issue, provide answers and solutions, and provide you with peace of mind as to the time it will take to resolve the problem.
Intelligent software agents to help identify and alert problems. 
With each server and desktop we service, is our software agent. This little piece of software can help identify issues long before they become a problem. They provide several layers of defense, with Anti-Virus and Malware protection, Web filtering, and proactive performance monitoring.
Reach us anytime 24×7 for any emergency.
Our team is on call to provide your business with after-hour support. We know the critical nature of your business, and will be there when you need us. Included with all our service agreements, you don’t need VIP status for us to answer your call.
Centralized network, server and technology management console.
We gain a distinct advantage in supporting your business, because everything we need is at our finger tips. Having a Network Operation Center, allows us to see all the conditions of your network on an easy to use dashboard.
All support requests flow through our ticketing system.
The integration of our ticketing system with our other monitoring software allows us to quickly identify the problem system, provide you with a response, and utilized all related tools to provide quick resolution.

Rate Card*

ServicesDepartmentHr. RateAvailability
Desktop User SupportService Desk$90.008am-5pm (M-F)
Network and Server Administration Network Admin / NOC$120.008am-5pm (M-F)
Consulting and IT SpecialistAccount Manager / SR Network Admin$150.008am-5pm (M-F)

*Discount Rate available with Optimum User Support or our Complete Care Program. Emergency after-hours support is at 1.5x hourly rate, and Holiday support is at 2.0x hourly rate.

Target Response and Resolution Time

The following shows the targets of response and resolution times for each priority 

PriorityResponse Time*Resolution Time*Escalation Threshold
1 - Emergency15 MinutesBest Effort30 Minutes
2 - Urgent1 HourBest Effort2 Hours
3 - High4 HoursBest Effort1 Day
4 - NormalSame dayBest Effort5 Days

*During Regular Business Hours

Onsite Computer Service Plans

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager is a friendly professional technology expert that understands how and when technology is best utilized, to meet the demands of your business. They seek first to capture a clear vision of where your business wants to go, to match the tools and resources needed. They are your best ally to conquer your biggest challenges.

Get the benefits of a Dedicated Account Manager

Project Manager

Great Product Knowledge

Understands Business Operations

Informed about your Technology Environment

Access to Knowledgeable Resources and Partners

Assigned Network Administrator

Your Network Administrator sole purpose in life is to get excited about solving all technical problems, and bring to your business practical and affordable solutions. They are the brains of the operations, in the design, security and performance of your business technology. Having a Network Administrator that is dedicated to your account, means that all your onsite computer services and technical support needs are covered.

Get the advantage of an Assigned Network Administrator

Technical Lead

Qualified Server and Network Expertise

Speaks in a Language you can understand

Supports Key Vendor Relationships

Superb at Maintaining Business Technology

Enthusiastic Service Desk Technician

Priority support comes with all our dedicated services, as it is important that you get the best possible response to your business and technology needs. Our team is determined to make sure all inquiries are triaged, prioritized and assigned to the right technician. As with all our service agreements, exceeding your expectations is our top goal. But, with dedicated services, your support request will promptly go to both our Service Desk and your assigned Network Administrator.

Enjoy the value of our Service Desk

24×7 Technical Support

Full Service Help Desk

Online Resources

Service Level Agreement

Vendor Management

Continual review of service contracts and agreements is a great way to secure the best service at the most affordable rate, but it can be complex and overwhelming. The management of vendors, helps your business get control of your licensing, warranty and quality of service. This will save money, improve business workflow, and help you take advantage of full utilization of the services you are paying for.

Enjoy the value of our Vendor Management

Lower Contract Costs

Increase Service and extend Warranties

Maximize Licensing Use

Consolidate Under-utilized Software

Maintain Critical Key Business Contracts

Take the next step to better IT support