Modernize your IT and move to the cloud. Streamline your technology
assets by making your business more flexible & agile.

Create, collaborate and stay on the move with Office 365 full featured suite of online productivity tools.

Your documents are always easy to access and you can share them safely and securely when you need to.

With your files backed up in the cloud, you can protect your data no matter what happens.

Leverage Cloud Computing Services To Streamline Your Business

Technology is rapidly evolving, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements. One of the most notable advancements, particularly in the IT world, is cloud technology. Cloud technologies are not only present in the workplace, but at home, school and beyond.

At YellowWood IT, we want to make sure our clients are leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate and simplify their processes. We believe that cloud computing services add immense value and efficiency to businesses. These services make it easier to attract new talent, penetrate into new markets and improve customer relations.


We support your existing technology
Detailed time & billing reporting
Tailored service agreements
Detailed time & billing reporting

Our cloud computing services automatically update your systems when new patches and fixes are made available. You are always given access to the most current version of the software at no extra charge.

24x7 support & monitoring
Onsite Support at no extra cost
All support is in-house & local
Multi-tiered support

Cloud services are hosted services that store all their data within Canada. These services provide extra protection and security to all of your files while also giving your team 24/7 access to the information from authorized devices.

12 years experience
Protect & develop technology
Specialized knowledge for law & advertising
Support Apple and Windows environments

Unlock services, features and benefits with cloud services that your business may not be able to afford on its own. These resources can help you tap into your business’ maximum potential.


Advertising & Design Agenciess
Achitecture & Engineering
Law &
Legal Firms
Accounting & Finance Firms

Looking for IT solutions from professionals who are experts in the unique needs of your industry?


Learn how we provide tailor-made support and lasting success for our clients


Industry: Immigration Law Firm

Problem: Need to manage and secure large amounts of data and follow multiple government & legal regulations

The YellowWood Solution: Moved Zemp Law away from older solutions to improve redundancy and agility of their servers and introduced online cloud solutions for data backup and archiving to accommodate the increase in data.

  • Virtualization & Hardware Technologies
  • Cloud Management
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Remote Data Access

Industry: Creative Advertising Agency

Problem: An unresponsive IT support company and need to improve productivity & reduce operational costs

The YellowWood Solution: Improve communication, increase control over data, reduce operational costs and educate & equip the trgr team.

  • Data Backup
  • Data Organization
  • Office 365 Integration

Industry: Signs & Banner Service

Problem: Need for a knowledgeable IT partner to provide disaster recovery & system improvements

The YellowWood Solution: Rebuilt the network infrastructure and provided responsive support to maximize uptime.

  • Crashplan Snapshots
  • Off-Site Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hybrid Backup Solutions

Cloud Computing Services to Maximize
Business Performance

You count on our cloud computing services to provide you with peak accessibility, reliability, performance and support. On the cloud, your data is always available, always protected and always backed up. With YellowWood Cloud Services, you give your team the support they need, so they can focus on what they do best.

When should I consider moving to cloud computing for my business?
Consider moving to cloud computing (any technology service where the required infrastructure is not physically on your own premises) when 36 months of the cloud service costs less than what it would cost you to set up and support that service in your own shop. When 60 months of that same service costs less than on-premise cost, than cloud services are a no-brainer. Software licensing is a great example: Acrobat Standard costs roughly the same for annual licensing vs one-time licensing at 36 months, so consider it; Office 365 vs Office 2016 reaches the same cost at month 48, Office 365 makes a ton of sense; Office 365 vs an on-premise email server reaches the same cost somewhere around 240 months, this is a no-brainer.
How much should my business expect to pay for IT services and support?
How much you pay for IT services depends how many people in your company, how many servers you have, where you live, and what services you need or want. A general calculation for the Alberta market would be $110 per computer user per month, plus $220 per server month.
What should I expect from an onsite visit?

During an onsite visit, the technician will check in with IT Decision Maker for your company, work on previously submitted support tickets that make most sense to do in person and work on other proactive tasks. On a regular basis, the client account manager will visit the office to meet and plan with your team.

How do you transition our company from our current IT service provider?

Transition to a new IT Service Provider doesn't have to be stressful. We know that during the first few months it can be difficult to come accustomed to different personnel, procedures and technology. What you can expect from YellowWood is a plan, with constant communication and regular follow up.

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