Calgary IT Services Pro Tips: How to Protect Against a Network Breach

We all know that a network breach can lead to the loss of sensitive information, which can be a devastating blow to any business. If you don’t currently have access to professional Calgary IT services, you may want to consider the benefits of doing so and of hiring a network security specialist to protect your business from a network breach.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tip #1

Protect Your Information. A network security specialist can give you advice on how to best secure and protect the sensitive information you store as well as provide equipment to assist your efforts.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tip #2

Decrease Data Transfers. Data is vulnerable during a data transfer; as such, you should avoid moving sensitive information. When data transfer is absolutely necessary, only utilize secure transferal methods.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tips #3

Data tracking and performance monitoring. Calgary IT services will usually include monitoring and tracking services. If a network security specialist can track the data and analyze patterns based on trends, they will be able to identify suspicious movement more readily.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tip #4

Staff Training. Ensure all staff are adequately trained and educated in regards to network privacy and security, as well as in network breach protocol. A Calgary IT consulting firm can provide this training.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tip #5

Enforce data restrictions. Ask yourself which files and resources each employee needs access to and then set limits for information that does not apply to specific individuals. Whether intentional or intentional, many data breaches stem from employees and unrestricted staff access.

Calgary IT Services Pro Tip #6

Hire a professional Calgary IT services company. IT professionals can take care of all these tasks and more including 24/7 monitoring, better equipment and quick solve resolutions. Managed IT services are essential to the efficient and safe operation of your Calgary business.

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