5 Reasons a Network Assessment Will Protect Your Business

Let’s face it, your business has very little time for audits or assessments. You have a business to run, fires to put out, and customer demands to meet. Successful businesses owners are passionate about the business and would never put the business at risk. Yet, often we find technology neglected and maintenance deferred when it comes to one of the most important assets, the network.  Technology runs businesses; it wouldn’t take long for a business to fail if the technology they used stopped working.

It’s important that your business is prepared, has a plan, and is aware of your current computer network environment. This is where a good Technology Assessment comes into play; an assessment will point out areas of concern, new solutions, and plans for future implementation. Here are some reasons, among many, that every small business should have their technology assessed on a regular basis.

Controlling Risk.

Small businesses have limited funds, but that doesn’t mean that technology security should be ignored. Knowing where your business is most vulnerable and having a plan in place to correct it will help in minimizing the risks to your business. An assessment can pinpoint each area of risk and a good IT service provider will help identify priority tasks to help mitigate risks and not overextend the business budget.

Have a Plan.

Most often, small businesses will focus on the wrong thing because they lack a plan. If you are spending money on new computers but your network has been neglected, your situation will not improve. An IT Assessment will help review all parts of your network, both on a technical level and a business workflow level. This will help you to identify where your focus should be and allow you to work out an IT Strategy plan.

Measure Improvement.

If you are going to spend money on your business, you should know what you are getting in return. Technology should help your business, either directly or indirectly, you should see results. An IT Assessment will provide a baseline of where you are and will help measure your performance and progress. Without knowing where you are, it will be difficult to know if all the hard work, money, and time is paying off.

Improve Operations.

Many times, when technology is not working or the wrong technology solutions are in place, people will find a less productive way of getting the job done. This is not good for business and will increase costs and lower revenues. An IT Assessment will make sure technology fits with how your business works with current technology and how it compares with other businesses. You will discover new technology to help improve daily work, prevent tedious tasks, streamline workflow, and get more use from emerging technologies.

Become United.

An IT Assessment is best when a decision is needed for the business to bring on a new technology solution. This can be anything from cloud services, a new line of business application, or the need to invest more money into infrastructure. Whatever the case may be, having a second opinion will help to confirm decisions and unify management to become confident in the direction they choose.

There are many other reasons to schedule an IT Assessment including to identify risks, plan for the future, meet compliance regulations, meet customers demands, and help gain better control over where and how they invest in the business.

If you want to know which IT Assessment will be best for your company, make sure to contact the experts at YellowWood IT. A small business depends on the right technology, at the right time, in the right place, and at YellowWood IT, we have the requisite knowledge and purpose to help you and your small business with your technology.  Partner with us in confidence, www.yellowwoodit.ca | (844) 387 – 0607